What Cannot Change when Change Happens

Taking Manhood Back

What Cannot Change when Change Happens

The only way we can handle change around us is to know what is changeless about ourselves – Stephen Covey

Yesterday I had an opportunity to meet the famous ventriloquist  and Pilipinas Got Talent sensation Ruther and his puppet Titoy. What was funny was that more than almost 10 years ago, when Ruther was just starting in his business, he and I were in a mall tour in the province. (Yep!!! I was in showbiz before doing stand up comedy). Anyway, he remembered that he saw me almost a decade ago. I said it’s funny because here we are – one became successful in his field while I quit and pursued the call to be a pastor.

After a decade Ruther is famous. He is earning really well, he will be the first Filipino puppeteer who would have a show in the States, his puppet has almost 2 million hits in Youtube and Ruther is a Star Magic talent. On the other hand, I have become a blogger, a father, husband and a pastor of a church in Greenhills, (thinking of my other accomplishments, hehe).

When Ruther shared his past, you can’t imagine where God has placed him now. From humble beginnings – he is now a star. But if there is one thing that still hasn’t change – it is Ruther’s love for God, his integrity and his passion to share how God can use ordinary men. That is his changeless core.

You see – you can change a man’s income and for some that would either improve them or destroy them. When you give man fame, you would see what is really inside his heart.

Ruther has fame, money, prestige – but his core remains the same. He is still as humble, passionate about his craft and loves Jesus.  His circumstances did not change his CORE. We need more men like Ruther.


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