Me and My Dad Camp

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Me and My Dad Camp

I was privileged and honored to speak in Victory Pioneer’s Me and My Dad Camp. I was able to grab the opportunity to bring my 6 year old daughter Alyanna with me for a two day bonding. Ever since Alyanna heard that we were having a Me and My Dad camp, she has been so giddy and excited.

We had a great time enjoying the nature. Going up to Sierra Madre, Alyanna was reviewing everything my wife taught her about LAND FORMS. Daddy look mountains, valleys, hills, trees!!! Yes, with the condo living in the city, trees are hard to find.

It was refreshing also just to have fun and play games with other kids and dads who were in the camp. Dads who take time to invest in their kids are making the most valuable investment ever. I think the memories we build with our kids will be etched in their hearts and mind for a very long time, for some even till the day they die.

One of my childhood dreams was fulfilled. We were able to play like Takeshi’s castle.

Raymart with Anjo and Smokey

Matrix Move

Long time I wanted to fly a kite in Manila but never got the chance to.

Sessions with the DAD


I think you can really never underestimate the influence and the impact that fathers have when it comes to their kids. But although Alyanna enjoyed it so much, I think I got refreshed and rejuvenated to be the dad that God has called me to be.

Ps: Thank you to the staff of Victory Pioneer for graciously serving and hosting us!!!



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