What Most Love Stories are Missing

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What Most Love Stories are Missing

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Sometimes you meet someone, a great person. You’d like to know her more. You get the tingles – and for a while you zoom off having the romance you’ve always dreamed of. Why is it then, that after a time too soon, you find yourself crushed and heartbroken? What went wrong? Or maybe you’re asking “What was missing?”

This entry was inspired by Joshua Harris’ book “Boy meets Girl” Yes I know I’m really late in my Joshua Harris readings but it seems as if God has put this book in perfect timing for me – and perhaps for you too!

The Kite and String

Try to think of romance as a kite. It’s a kite that catches the wind and tenaciously heads for the sky. Often that kite thinks to itself “If this bothersome string would just let go of me, I could really fly high.” But we all know that isn’t true, is it? Without the string holding it in the face of the wind, the kite would quickly come crashing to the ground.

That string is wisdom. That string is also what most romantic love stories are missing because of the tenacious emotions that come zooming off when we’re “in love”.

Wisdom is the string that tugs downward, holding romance back so that it can keep on flying gracefully as it was designed by its Creator to do so. There is a real tension between the string and kite. That tension also keeps the kite protected from crashing itself down. It is a healthy tension.

Oil and Water?

Matching romance with wisdom doesn’t necessarily mean that you do the opposite of what you want. Wisdom is simply the ownership of insight. It means that we understand how one thing relates to another and that we’re willing to change our attitudes and behavior accordingly.

Boy meets GirlIf you take a look at it, it’s quite the paradox and it is somehow perplexing but wisdom and romance is the best way to tread the long, sweet and sometimes, dangerous and hurtful road of romance and relationships. Without wisdom, your romance will have no boundaries – it can be selfish, indulgent, and even idolatrous.

Can you relate?

Have you been in a relationship where you let go of the string? Usually when that happens, only God’s infinite grace – through surrender, prayer and obedience, can hand you the string back. Otherwise, you have to face the damage the kite will incur as it comes crashing down.

It’s NOT ENOUGH to simple have romantic feelings. Anyone can do that! Long-lasting romance needs practical, common-sense wisdom that knows when to let the wind of feelings carry us higher and when to pull back. When to express our emotions and when to keep quiet. When to open our hearts and when to rein them in.

Let wisdom guide you in your love story.

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