Pat Dy’s Secret

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Pat Dy’s Secret

Pat Dy was our wedding photographer seven years ago. Pat Dy was not yet the famous and successful PAT DY at that time but he was already making waves and there were a lot of good reviews about him. At that time, Pat Dy was just into photography.

Fast forward seven years. Pat Dy is now the famous PAT DY, the man you hire to get great wedding, fashion and whatever else you like photography. I was at Pat Dy’s photography studio a couple of weeks ago ( not for my shoot though, hehe). I asked him Pat why didn’t you thought of venturing into videos.

His answer was simple. “Photography is my focus.” 

You see, Pat Dy could choose to go into making videos and it could even diversify his work but he decided to focus in photography and I think the secret to his success lies there.

When you hear PAT DY, you associate it with PHOTOGRAPHY and nothing else. He has become a master of his craft because of his intense focus on PHOTOGRAPHY.

He said, “and the reason add why I didn’t add videos in my business even if I can maximize the earnings is because I might lose focus in photography and in the long run might cause me to suffer in both photography and videography.

Pat Dy is Pat Dy because of that. And I think every man who wants to be great at something must learn something from Pat’s FOCUS. By the way, Pat Dy is still into photography.

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