Stepping Up: A Call to Courageous Manhood

Taking Manhood Back

Stepping Up: A Call to Courageous Manhood

I read Stepping Up six months ago but the lessons and impartation I have gotten from this book has helped me in my journey to biblical and courageous manhood.

Writing from biblical insights, truths learned in over 40 years of ministry with men, and inspiring stories from both his life and the lives of other courageous men, Rainey discusses in-depth:

  • The five stages of a man’s life and the responsibilities of each
  • How men can reject passivity and embrace courageous faith
  • The temptation men face to step down
  • Three qualities of men who finish well

Some personal notes I had on the book.

1. Male passivity is a disease that robs a man of his purpose while it destroys marriages, ruins families, and spoils legacies. A passive man doesn’t engage, he retreats. He neglects personal responsibility. At its core, passivity is cowardice.

2. One of the greatest challenges any boy could endure is trying to become a man without a father to show him how. How a biy know what it looks like to behave as a man, love like a man, and be a man in the battle if the main man in his life has abandoned him.  This quote I have to wrestle with as I hear more men share the same stories to me. Some answers only Jesus can answer.

3. It is better to build boys than mend men. – Truett Cathy, CEO of Chick-Fil-A

Here is Dennis Rainey introducing his book Stepping Up


Sorry guys but the offer mentioned in the video was good for last year but it is still worth the investment to buy this book for men who are serious about stepping up. Buy Stepping Up for only $9.99


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