Success says a Lot about our Failures

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Success says a Lot about our Failures

New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter reached his 3,oooth career hit last year and only 27 other players in the history of professional baseball have managed to reached that milestone. In the midst of his achievement and success here are his thoughts:

“Many people have celebrated the 3,000th hit but not as many people have thought about the number of times I failed in order to have 3000 successes. I’ve had more than 6,600 times I’ve come up and not gotten a hit. In order to succeed you have to handle failure. That’s why those 3,000 hits mean so much to me. To me, they’re a sign that I handled the times when things didn’t work out. I hope that’s the lesson people get.┬áPeople look at anyone successful but there’s a lot of hard work, sacrifice, failure that goes along with it.”

Quote taken from Success Magazine, November 2011, p78

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