Support my First Book SYNC: How to Know God’s Will

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Support my First Book SYNC: How to Know God’s Will

It is finally up!!! I am relaunching my first book SYNC: How to Know God’s Will for your Life that I wrote two years ago that received more than 1000 downloads. It is now in AMAZON KINDLE for only $0.99cents.

Book Description: What if we stopped marching to the beat of the world’s drum and started listening to God’s heartbeat and moved in tune to it?

SYNC: How to Know God’s Will for your Life is a book on how you can discover God’s will for your life. This book is written to help answer people’s question on how they can know and live out God’s will for their life.

Book Reviews:

I am particularly struck by your words in page 7 that it is “God’s command that we know His will”. I guess for a time there I thought God wanted this to be a mystery. And that He wants me to just believe and trust in Him in all the steps that I take. Now I know I can actually seek and know His will beforehand. Also it gladdened my heart when you said in page 20 that ” the woman who is wholly and joyously surrendered to Christ cannot make a wrong choice”. Because this is really our heart’s desire. To be able to make His choice our choice also. Such that all the choices we made and continue to make, as long we are surrendered, were and are His choices also. And your words assured me of this.

Thanks Pastor, your book was a great kick off to make me walk stronger in faith through this fasting week. P.S. Keep it coming Pastor.- from Arlyn Soresca.

Hi Ptr Dennis, thanks for taking the time to write and share. It’s an easy read with a bullet-sharp message, and very timely for this prayer and fasting season.

For some reason, the phrase “The Black Book series” popped into my head when I saw the dominant black background. Can we look forward to a series indeed? – Jihan Tan

If you want to purchase the book, click on the book title SYNC: How to Know God’s Will for your Life. Thank you very much for your support and hope you can spread the word to your family and friends. Would appreciate it very much.


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