The Apprentice Trap

Taking Manhood Back

The Apprentice Trap

In our age of reality TV, it has become a common occurrence for individuals to rise to stardom in a matter of a few weeks only soon to disappear into “where are they now” files.

Everybody wants to be like Donald Trump or Manny Pacquiao without going through the process of years of labor and hardwork. Last night, some members of the original¬†MANEUVERS performed and gave their story of how God changed them in the process but what was amazing was that even in their 40’s they could still dance and most of them have ventured off into business or acting. It took them years of practice and hardwork according to Joshua Zamora who still looks like he is in his early 30’s.

“We had nights when we had to practice and it doesn’t matter if we are sick, we just needed to practice.”

So for those who are waiting for a producer to discover you – chances are quite slim and close to zilch. Avoid the apprentice trap – success is never overnight.