Getting Over My Ex Girlfriend

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Getting Over My Ex Girlfriend

One of the questions frequently asked in my formspring account is how to get over my ex-girlfriend and how to move on. So here is my thoughts on getting over your old flame.

1. Get rid of the triggers.

You might remember your ex because the love letters, pictures and memories are still kept in your secret batcave. Get rid of them. Burn them, tear them up and don’t keep any of it. By doing that you are removing triggers in your past relationship and actually doing a service to yourself and your current girlfriend/ fiancee or wife.

It also means don’t email, facebook, chat, tweet. Cut off all your communications. It is better and healthier that way. Don’t play with fire. Once you get too close, you might burn ( while typing this blog, the song ETERNAL FLAME is singing in my mind)

2. Build and invest on your girlfriend/ fiancee or wife.

What better way to move on than to put your focus, energy and effort on loving your spouse. Those who are flirting with the past is playing a very dangerous and harmful game. Remember trust is the foundation of any relationship. Keep the trust and the love abounds.



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