Why Kim Kardashian’s Marriage was doomed to fail

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Why Kim Kardashian’s Marriage was doomed to fail

You heard about the short stint of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humpries of the NBA. Being married only for 72 days they called it quits. Kris’ gift for Kim on her wedding was a 20 carat wedding ring. Now a wedding ring is round because it symbolizes forever. Some put diamonds on it because diamonds are forever, right girls?

Why do a lot of marriages fail? Listening to Pastor Tito preached yesterday, he distinguished a contract and a covenant. I think every man needs to know that marriage is not based on a contract but a covenant.



Based on unconditional love between God, a husband, and a wife Based on conditional consideration between two people
Sacrificial Action (i.e. I’ll do it no matter what you do) Reciprocal Transaction (e.g. If you do this, then & only then I will do that)
Based on Mutual Commitment Based on Mutual Distrust
Seeks to Give Seeks to Get
For Life For Now

So think about it first before you enter marriage. And if you are married, think about it first before quitting on your wife. You entered into a covenant brother – so there is no way out.



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