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Lessons from the Avengers

I think everyone has watched the Avengers by this time but I think it is not too late to blog about some manhood lessons I’ve learned from the movie.

Lesson #1: You can’t do it alone. You need other men for you achieve something bigger than you. John Maxwell wrote about the myth of the lone ranger. No wonder Lone Ranger was never called to be part of the avengers. I have been working with other men whether it is running the church, helping me on my finances, mentoring us in our marriage. I have avoided major boo-boos in my life if I didn’t ask for help and surrounded myself with other men.


Lesson #2: Somebody has to take charge and it doesn’t have to be the strongest. 

I was glad Hulk was not leading the avengers or the self absorbed Tony Starks. Even if Captain America was the weakest in terms of talent and strength – he definitely had the leadership capacity to unite the team of superstars.

Lesson #3: What would we do without women?

Everybody needs a woman. Avengers had more color because of Black Widow. I can’t imagine living this wife without my black widow, Thammie.

Lesson #4 You can’t win without conviction


One of the most powerful line was when Shield agent Coulson told Loki that he can never succeed and when Loki asked why in spite of the army he was bringing, agent Coulson just said, “because you have no convictions” and I think he was right.

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