How Mama affects Manhood

Taking Manhood Back

How Mama affects Manhood

It is true that fathers play a major role in raising up men. Our identity is in a way imparted by our fathers but imagine life without a mother.

Mothers generally shows us affection, nurture and care. Not that dad doesn’t give this but mama gives it to us in a different way. My mom is very strong willed and determined woman. She wouldn’t have had six kids if she easily gives up. Part of my dad’s success was because MAMA was there.

We grew up seeing how MAMA loves my dad. They showed to us what marriage should be. A partnership between friends and lovers. And it is true once you start looking for a wife – you kind of look for someone like your mom.

Thammie has taught me valuable lessons and principles when she became a mom. Being a mom is no easy task. Talking to kids for almost 12 hours a day, managing the household, making sure things are clean – no wonder men want to work outside, they can’t do what MAMA does every single day.

To my MAMA and to my wife who is the mother of my two daughters, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!