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Manhood and Gays

This wont be a blog about homosexuality as a sin or if homosexuality is wrong and I’m condemning it. So now that is clear let me get to my point.

I am a Christian and I believe in the biblical worldview. I have seen videos from talk shows, famous celebrities and even the president of the United States saying gay is ok. So I won’t argue on my stand and my case. I think you know where I stand.

What I want is to challenge the men out there to share and live out biblical manhood. They often say ten years ago that there are not a lot of gay people. Well, let me say there seems like a small number of biblical men.

Whether it is in the news, media, tv series and movies – what has been portrayed is surprisingly a different kind of manhood. So I think when we start hitting the issue of homosexuality, we are missing the bigger picture. What we need is a resurgence of biblical manhood and lives as proof that biblical manhood works.

Let me give you glaring examples of the lack of manhood:

1. We watch a family movie – BOLT. The daughter was there, Mommy was supportive, the dog saves the day. Question is where is dad?

2. We are watching the final season of HOUSE M.D. and for the longest time Dr House is indirectly looking for a father’s love while his bestfriend Wilson tries to skirt fatherhood and live as a lonely man.

3. Terra Nova – the main villain was the son of the general who runs Terra Nova. It was a daddy problem in the first place.

In short – where is daddy? where is the man? The world is hungry for men who will take charge and lead with love.

And you see this and hear stories of the lack of men at home. And instead of us complaining about homosexuals and why they are growing – why don’t we first look at ourselves.

MEN, Dads, single men – are we playing the role of biblical manhood and servant leadership. Are we investing in relationships that would shape us as dads and men? If not, let us stop pointing fingers and take the challenge to exemplify biblical manhood.