Im Scared To Make A Bad Decision

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Im Scared To Make A Bad Decision

One thing I appreciate being part of my church is that we can actually have people around us whom we can talk to about the personal things that’s happening in our lives. One of the misconceptions is that men can handle things alone and they don’t need any “support groups” to help them handle their issues in life. That’s one big fat lie! We all need each other to watch each other’s back and to “sharpen” each other so the worries of life can’t bring us down.

Anyway, we had that kind of “men talk” last night and one of my friends started telling us a story of how God has placed him in a point of decision and how, as a man who fears God and who would want God’s will for his life, he was afraid to make the wrong decision. He was trying to make sure he’s hearing right from God.

But the problem is sometimes God doesn’t gives us so much details. Sometimes He just gives us one small command and that’s about it. We are left to decipher it and just make that decision.

I was reminded of one story where 12 God-fearing men, were on that same scary situation- and how one of them stepped out and decided.

The story is found on Matthew 14:22-32, when Jesus walked on water. In that story, Jesus sent His disciples out to go ahead of Him. As His disciples were struggling with the waves, a figure (i.e. like a ghost) came floating towards them- later they’ll realize that this was Jesus.

When the disciples saw him walking on the water, they were terrified. In their fear, they cried out, “It’s a ghost!” – Matthew 11:26, NLT

Interestingly enough, sometimes when we go on ahead of God and the struggles of life beat us up, Jesus always shows up- on time. The question is, will we recognize Him? Will we hear His voice? The disciples who knew Jesus, mistook Him as a ghost!

But the next part is even more interesting. Peter, suddenly realized that He wanted to walk on water with Jesus! So, he asked God for a sign, an instruction. He said:

“Lord, if it’s really you, tell me to come to you, walking on the water.” – Matthew 14:28, NLT (excerpts)

Then Jesus replied. He said, “okay Peter, but you have to be really, really careful. Gently step your left foot first out the left side of the boat and watch out for that big wave coming in …”

Okay, Jesus didn’t say that. Jesus treated Peter like a real man.

“Yes, come,” Jesus said. – Matthew 14:29, NLT

Sometimes when God seems to be silent on us and our heads are clouded, He might just want us to trust the wisdom that He gave us through His words and the Holy Spirit and …make that first step. Decide and act on it.

A few weeks ago, one of my close friends decided to lay down his intentions to this woman he really liked. My friend, is a Godly man. We prayed for him and we expected the best. So with faith that could move mountains, he asked if he could court the girl. What happened next? Busted!

Peter after a few seconds out the boat, started to sink and cried for Jesus to save him! Peter stepped out in faith, but he failed. Jesus reached out His hands to save Peter and gave him a little lesson about faith.

Christian men aren’t exempted from making bad decisions. In fact we are still subject to the same consequences of the bad decisions we make. But the promise is that God’s hands will never be too short to rescue us, His children, and that for everything that happens to us, good or bad, there is always a lesson to be learned.

God is bigger than the wrong decisions we can and will ever make!

He can turn it around and make it work for our good- always! As for Peter, I don’t know, but I feel like those early lessons Jesus taught him was the reason why He was one of the most influential among the disciples. He wasn’t afraid to make mistakes. When the other eleven disciples chose to stay and watch, Jesus, even for a moment, used Peter’s faith to show them that if they obeyed, they too can walk on water.

Men are called to dig deep and absorb as much wisdom as they can from God. But when the time comes to make that decision, and when God seems to be not giving much details. Decide and know that God will always be sovereign. Muster up that courage and decide.


Val Baguios III is an IT Service Desk shift supervisor working in IOM (International Organization for Migration). One of his passions is discovering and sharing the vast wisdom that can be taken from the Bible and applying it on how we do work daily in the corporate world. You can visit his site Broken Mindset is driven by this truth, that if we renew our mindsets, the way we think and the way we approach things- not according to “worldly” standards but by the truth of God’s word- then, we become transformed individuals. Individuals who can rise up and make a difference- because that is what we are called to do.