Father’s Day Entry: “Victor”-ious Dad

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Father’s Day Entry: “Victor”-ious Dad

I know having 4 kids that have different personalities and ways of thinking is very hard for my dad. It may be challenging for him since we have different moods and attitudes that he should adjust when talking to us, disciplining us or on how he should show his love for us.

My dad is none other than Victor Tan.

I admire him in a lot of ways, first is how he sees to it that he shows his love for us, he expresses his love by texting “I love you” or “ingat be” to me. He also makes sure that his top priority is God and his family. I can see how he chooses our family bonding over activities outside. I really look up to my dad when it comes to him praising our Lord, despite all the challenges and problems that he is going through, he chooses to praise our King whatever his situation is. My dad sees to it that he is able to share the love and grace of God in our home.

Our dad is an effective leader, not only in our household, but also in the church and in the office. He knows how to talk to all kinds of people and really displays a genuine care to the people around him. You can see his heart in helping others especially when they are in need. My father is a dad that you can approach and talk about anything under the sun; he will listen to me even though I have a lot of stories to tell and even if he is already very tired from work. (haha sorry dad!)

He also makes you feel that your opinion is important for him when he asks for our opinions in certain things in his life. I am so grateful to have a dad that knows how to say “sorry” and admits his mistakes. He is not afraid to apologize if he thinks he had made a mistake and let the person understand why he did it. My dad is also a disciplinarian, this side of him really shows how he loves and cares for us, since I was a kid, he would scold us if we did something wrong and correct us in order to grow up to be good people.

Daddy, Happy happy fathers’ day! Thanks for always being there for us. Thanks for understanding even though sometimes we have different moods. You are awesome dad! You are the best father! Alam ko lahat naman tayo may pagkukulang paminsan-minsan pero we just want to honor and thank you sa lahat ng ginawa mo for us, from giving us food, paying our tuition fees to simply saying you love us. We also appreciate the effort you make to always make this family always intact and happy! We love you so much dad!  We are always here for you! God bless you always! May you always be a blessing to others! I know that God will continue to strengthen our family.


Abby, Angel, Aimee and Von