The Gentleman

Taking Manhood Back

The Gentleman

They say that there are no more gentlemen around. Let me bust the myth and let me help you become a gentleman. The secret to becoming a gentleman is by BEING a gentleman. You cannot just ACT LIKE A GENTLEMAN, you need to BE A GENTLEMAN.

So let me give you some universal practical principles about being a gentleman.

1. A gentleman says “please” and “thank you” often.

2. A gentleman always carries a handkerchief, and is ready to lend it, especially to a weeping lady, should the need arise.

3. A gentleman never allows a door to slam in the face of another person – male or female, young or old, absolute stranger or a long time friend.

4. A gentleman does not make jokes about race, religion, gender or sexual orientation; neither does he find such jokes amusing.

5. A gentleman knows how to stand in line and how to wait for his turn.

6. A gentleman admits when he is wrong.

7. A gentleman always gives a firm handshake.

8. A gentleman does not pick a fight.

9. A gentleman finds ways to serve the opposite sex – from opening doors to carrying heavy stuff.

10. A gentleman is a man who has his temper in check.

Some of the ideas where taken from “How to be A Gentleman” by John Bridges


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