My Husband is an Alien

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My Husband is an Alien

To the women reading this blog – I think you know what I mean. It seems like the man that you marry is no longer the same man you once married. You and your spouse used to have so much in common. You enjoyed the same activities, love the same movies, had a great sense of humor but after a few years, you have nothing as in nothing in common.

One of the woman we were counseling said this ,” After ten years of marriage, I really don’t know who he is.” Who is he?

My answer: An alien of some kind.

Let me give you some evidences:

Communication: Before marriage, you can spend hours on the phone. After years of marriage, he has nothing to say. Literally NOTHING to say.

Wife: Honey what happened at work?

Man: Nothing

Wife: What are you thinking?

Man: Nothing.

If it is not NOTHING, he doesn’t know.

Wife: How was work?

Man: i don’t know.

Wife: Do you want to go out today?

Man: I don’t know

Wife: How do you feel?

Man: I don’t know.

The alien is blocking your husband’s head. He cannot access it. All he can access are the sports stats but he has an automatic shut down when it comes to things to buy at the grocery. He cannot remember the dates, the anniversary, the birthday of your kids. He just forgets.

The strangeness doesn’t end there.

Before marriage, he watches the latest chick flick with you, he cries with you as you watch Oprah. He rejoices over the fact that you want to know the latest showbiz tsismis. After marriage, all changed. He dismisses your crying as shallow and childish. He tells you that he really hated Pride and Prejudice. He sleeps in your date nights.

So what is the most logical explanation to all these things?

My humble opinion: You married an alien.