It is Never the Lack of Good Ideas

Taking Manhood Back

It is Never the Lack of Good Ideas

I have heard it said a thousand times, “Dennis I have a really great idea!!!” Yeah you can have a great idea but if it is in your head and never translated into action – it will remain an idea. Sadly most of your ideas are not even original. I mean somebody out there is thinking about the same thing.But what would separate you from the rest of the men out there is if you start running with your idea.

Here are 5 ways you can start making your idea a reality.

1. Acknowledge it. 

Every good idea is born out of a need. You want to meet a need. So find your need and turn it into profit. Search the internet, talk to people about your idea, know who is your target market.

2. Own it.

After your intial research, start owning your idea. If you need to patent it, do so. Take it and own it.

3. Make it. 

Write a businessplan. Make a prototype. Put it in writing.

4. Test it.

Test it with your family and friends. Ask for feedback.

5. Sell it. 

With the internet, everything is marketable, just make sure you have a great product and start selling it.