He Never Did but I Still Love Him

Taking Manhood Back

He Never Did but I Still Love Him

Second Father’s Day Blog Entry by Pearl Hilario

My dad never told me these words:

“I love you.”

“I’m proud of you.”

“You’re beautiful.”

Those were the words I longed to hear from him but he never did!

I always ask God why he never did. It hurts me whenever I thought about it.

But when I met God, everything changed. Especially when He made me realize how much He loves me that He gave me my dad.

How? Well here’s the story.

Let me tell you the most heroic thing he did for us.

Papa was supposed to study in PMA to fulfill his and his father’s dream of him becoming a soldier–and not just any other soldier but a general! My grandpa had high dreams for my dad! But when my mom became pregnant with me, everything changed. And my dad had to chose between us and his dreams.

He chose us and left his dreams, thus disappointing his dad and leaving an opportunity of a lifetime- popularity, position, money/mansion!

But not for my dad! He chose to pursue his dream without leaving me father-less!

And even today as he is serving as an ‘aircraft maintenance staff’, He still does his best as a soldier! I bet if he was given a chance, he would’ve been a great leader! But it’s okay because even in his humble position, he gives his 100%.

I thank my dad so much for saving me a lifetime of questioning, shame, and being fatherless. I never know what would’ve happened if he ran away from his responsibility! And that’s what a real man is!

My dad still hasn’t said those words to me, but I’m not angry at him nor frustrated for God already told me those! Nothing compares to what God has given me and I am so honored to be called His princess.