Men Go To Church

Taking Manhood Back

Men Go To Church

I think men should go to church.

No, not the wear-your-best-semi-formal-attire-sit-on-an-airconditioned-room-for-two-hours-then-leave-as-fast-as-you-can Sunday habit. Although, having a routine like that might define “church” for some. That’s good, at least you have something to start with. But what I’m trying to say is, I hope men really go to church.

Let me explain it the way I have experienced it.

Church for me means a good friend taking his time off from his busy schedule of being a business man and taking time to explain to me what the name Jesus meant and how much this Jesus loved me.

Or, sometimes, church is a man whom I confide with when I feel something weird. Someone whom I can trust and know that he only thinks of things that would help build me up. My life can be open to this fellow. I think that’s the closest thing to manly love. Bromance?

Church also means a very close friend whom I can talk to about the things that I am not proud of. The things that I do that I think would not please God and that friend would tell me that I am not alone and that he himself struggled with the same issues. Friends who would not make you feel condemned but challenge you to understand that you are already free from these struggles.

The church also encourages me, prays for me and sometimes if needed, rebukes me. It all depends on the situation you see…but I know that somehow, to some extent, we watch each other’s back.

Church is the people whom I go mountain biking with on some weekends. We share jokes, I laugh a lot, sometimes I share jokes too and they laugh out of respect. Yeah we respect each other. We love each other too. Genuine, love, like the love I felt when I was on top of the rooftop last September 2009 because of  Ondoy (that carried rainfall on steroids) and they were calling me just to let me know that everyone was praying for me.

Church is also a place where people share material things with whoever needs them. It’s where generosity never runs low.

Church can be such a heavenly place when everyone is singing songs to the one God whom we know we will forever love and serve. I can almost swear it feels like heaven here on earth! Yeah, we worship God a lot with the church. We worship Him with our voices, our finances, and, our very lives. But sometimes church can feel uncomfortable too, specially when things in my life aren’t what God wants it to be. It seems God is using the church to speak to me about it.

Church, I think is one of the best places where lasting and genuine relationships are formed. Like second family.

Above, I used the word experience as a verb that points to church, because church isn’t just a place for me. It’s where imperfect and broken people humble themselves and serve each other as they do their very best to follow Jesus. I guess that is why Jesus referred to it as His “bride” like it’s some sort of living, breathing, object of His affection and passion.

Yeah, I think all men ought to know that kind of church.




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