Speak Little, Do Much

Taking Manhood Back

Speak Little, Do Much


“You keep on saying that you will do this and do that.” I was getting tired of all the talk. He wanted a job, he wanted to improve, he wanted to excel, he wanted to change BUT he really doesn’t want. He just wants to talk.

If you want to achieve something, then put your words into action. It is fun to dream, to imagine but if you don’t ship it, it won’t happen. You want to separate yourself from the other dreamers – then start shipping your dreams.

I am currently writing my 3rd book. Yes I know, I just published one, I am done with the second and is in the editing phase and now doing my third. It was a long time dream. I attended a seminar on writing. At the end of the day the lesson I learned is that if you want to write a book – then you have to WRITE. Sounds simple but it is hard.

Don’t wait for the great big idea to come before doing something. Start where you are. Start small and build on it. Pick a dream and complete it.


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