Uncommitted Guy Dating Different Women: Is it Wrong?

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Uncommitted Guy Dating Different Women: Is it Wrong?

Ano po ang masasabi nyo sa guys na nakikipag date every week sa ibat ibang girls dahil tinitignan nya kung sino ang magugustuhan nya. Hindi po ba defrauding yun? Diba po dapat the guy will pray,choose and the guy will only pursue one girl?

What can you say when a guy dates a different girl every week to check if he is compatible with the girl? Is that defrauding? A guy must first pray and then choose right? A guy must pursue one girl only right?

Well, the question is quite tricky because you are already coming from a strong belief on a process rather than on a principle. Most Christian women comes from the point of view that a guy even if he is not committed to anyone must only date one girl. Most Christian girls feel that if an uncommitted guy who dates women is sinning – I think that is an unfair assumption. I think you are judging the man instead of looking at the dating process or culture.

It would be better for a man to date only one girl but we cannot stop an uncommitted man to look for others. To say it is defrauding is to exaggerate and to question his motives. A man may date different girls every month trying to look for some girl that he might be compatible with with the sincerest and purest of motive. You cannot generalize things like these.

On the other hand, it would really be better for a man to be dead focus on pursuing only one girl first and see if it works out before moving to the next one but that is a wish list and not a law. I lived by that principle when I was a single but I could not dictate that kind of thinking to any man. I could only encourage them to do so but it is not the LAW. They are not lesser men by doing so and they are of course not defrauding since there is no one to defraud since he is not committed to anyone.

BUT if you can’t stand a man who does that, you have the power ┬áto not entertain a suitor of that kind. It is actually your choice.

Word to the men: There is also nothing wrong with our sister asking this question it just goes to show that women love to be pursued exclusively. It is something for single men to think about before dating someone or sometwo or somethree.



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