Taking Manhood Back


Yale graduate Jonathan Coulton one day decided to resign from his job as a high earning computer programmer to stay at home and write a song per week for a year.

When asked why he made that decision, Jonathan Coulton has this to say, ” When my daughter was born, I reprioritized my life. I realized we are all running out of time. I wanted to be a good example for her. I wanted to be a complete person, not someone hiding from what might be a harder road, but a more honest one.”

He and his wife live off their savings when Coulton launched “A THING A WEEK”. He started writing, recording and publishing a new song on his website every week for a year. Self described as a GEEK, Coulton’s best selling songs covered nerd-like topics.

Initially he asked only for tip donations from fans, but now his followers pay for downloading his music. His project quickly resulted in 3,000 listeners per day, and some of his songs have been downloaded 500,000 times. He started making $5000 a month selling CDs and digital downloads and $1000 a performance at small venues.

When asked what he likes about his success as a musician, he said ” I feel like I should come up with something deeper and more important, but I like how I can go buy groceries in the middle of the day. I can’t imagine how I got anything done when I had an office job.”

You can visit his site, http://www.jonathancoulton.com/

Source: Success Magazine, Feb 2009