Body Slams and Defining Moments

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Body Slams and Defining Moments

I am currently reading the book My Life Outside the Ring and Hulk Hogan mentioned about the body slam that he did at Wrestle Mania 3 that for me was his defining moment. I could remember as a kid, when I saw what happened on TV – it was like a new hero was born. A 325 pound underdog just slammed 500 pound Andre the Giant.

The slam that Hulk Hogan did catapulted him to fame. Hulkamania was born in wrestlemania 3. I was one of the little hulkster tearing my shirt and impersonating the hulkster. I was hooked with the Hulkster since that day.

It was the Hulk’s defining moment. It forever changed his wrestling career and WWE. A body slam. Hulk said that slam caused him his back. Up until now, his back hurts because of that slam.

I think defining moments would always leave a mark. It leaves a good mark because it defines you as a man and it also leaves a mark to mark what just happened. Jacob wrestled with God and it was his defining moment but he was forever limped because of the encounter with God.

Men would have defining moments that would leave a mark forever. But please do not mistake defining moments as something that happens in an instant. It takes preparation to be ready when the opportunity comes. Hulk Hogan wrestled and practiced for many years to even reach Wrestle Mania 3. And even with all the preparation, the aches and the scars that it leaves behind reminds us of that great defining moment in our lives.

David, the shepherd boy, even before defeating Goliath had to fight with the lions and the bears that would definitely leave some battle wounds. It was his preparation for something far bigger, literally.

So even before your defining moment comes which we will never know when, start preparing today.

Some practical tips to prepare yourself when the defining moments come:

1. Be responsible with what you have now no matter how small it is.

2. Always have an attitude of wanting to improve and learn more. Read up, get mentored, ask people for help.

3. Cultivate a humble attitude. Pride goes before destruction. When defining moments come, some men are destroyed because they cannot handle the success or the promotion. Know that defining moments are orchestrated by God and not by you. 

As what the Hulk would say, “say your prayers, take your vitamins and you will never go wrong.”