Cignal Digital Tv and my CableTv Experience

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Cignal Digital Tv and my CableTv Experience

For the past seven years, Thammie and I decided that we were not going to have any TV at home. The decision stemmed from the fact that I grew up addicted to TV. I could literally spend 12 hours watching TV so when I got married, the first thing I did was to make a declaration NO MORE TV.

Instead of getting a cable TV, we just decided to have an internet connection when we first got married. In a way, I enjoyed having no TV for four years but instead rent out DVDs or watch in the movie house. Three years ago, we moved to San Juan so i could be able to walk to the office. In our first month, I received a call from my tenant renting our house.

TENANT: Dennis, where did you connect your cable TV?

ME: We don’t have cable tv. All I have is the internet.

TENANT: No, you do have a Cable TV.

ME: No I don’t. I never paid for one.

TENANT: Yes you do have one.

ME: No I really don’t have one.

TENANT: I am watching cable TV right now.

That was when it dawned on me. Our internet provider also gave free cable tv to their internet subscribers. I DO HAVE A CABLE TV!!! And I had it for the past four years!!!

But anyway, I think it was God’s way of making me spend more time with Thammie.

FAST FORWARD…. 3 years later

I am now invited in a blogger’s event organized by CIGNAL DIGITAL TV. The marketing gal started talking about the features of CIGNAL DIGITAL TV.

Marketing Gal: CIGNAL DIGITAL TV offers SD and HD viewing. As you can see ( they start showing to us real time), the difference between their competitor and CIGNAL’s high definition channels. In fact, even their SD channels were far more superior than the #1 cable provider in the country

ME: (talking to myself) I think I WANT to get a cable. It is high time, I have sacrificed for the past 7 years.

Marketing Gal: For as low as 590 pesos, you get 41 channels + 4 HD channels. Including BASKETBALL TV. And for other plans, you can check it here

ME: Ohh, how I miss watching the NBA. I think I don’t want a cable, I NEED IT!!!!

Marketing Gal: If you avail of CIGNAL TV, we will give you a month free subscription and more. Then she flashes this in her keynote presentation


Marketing Gal: But wait, there’s more!!! Then they showed us how defined the channels they are offering. Click here to see the channels available in HD.

ME: Ohh I could now imagine going home from work and enjoying HDTV in the comforts of my home.

Marketing Gal: Here is a sample of our TVC

ME: Sounds really good, price is good, looks really good. Now for the hard part, do I get one or not?

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You can check out the website of CIGNAL DIGITAL TV, click here.






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