How to Destroy the Family

Taking Manhood Back

How to Destroy the Family

Whether it is Dr House on the show House MD or stories of countless of men that I have heard – the effect remains the same when it comes to dysfunctional personalities and families. To effectively destroy the family, which is the basic unit of society, then neutralize the man.

Hit the top. Target the leader. Since God has designed man to take leadership roles, the enemy would want to destroy the man of the house. Destroy the man of the house, destroy the house. It is a simple game plan.

For men it means we are to expect attacks from the enemy, from our culture, from media. Expect temptations to test your leadership and manhood. When we start becoming passive as men, then we have been neutralized.

I am for a movement of men who are willing to fight the good fight of manhood and fatherhood. And you don’t have to be a father first to fight this fight. Even as a single man, you can already start fighting for your manhood. You cannot be neutralized. The mistake is that we think Satan would only destroy us once we get married and have kids. He is far wiser and strategic than that. He gets us when we are young. He would try to neutralize us early on in life.

The reason I passionately blog about this subject is because I want to declare ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I am tired of passive manhood. I am tired of men acting like consumers and not producers. We have to take responsibility. We have to be in battle position. We cannot afford to be passive men.

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