Divorce and Leadership

Taking Manhood Back

Divorce and Leadership

It is harder to lead a family than to rule a nation – Chinese Proverb

More and more high profile names are in the news today because of their divorce. From last Friday’s announcement that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have called it quits, to our local politicians saying that there marriage did not work out. Whether it is adultery, irreconcilable differences – we cannot hide the fact that as men we are called to lead the relationship.

We are to be the POINT MAN. You are to be on top of things. Everybody rallies behind you. You set the direction. You are like a POINT GUARD of a basketball team.

We are to be the POINT MAN. You sense danger. You know where the enemy is coming. Your comrades’ lives depend on you. You are like a commanding officer in the army.

As a POINT MAN in your family, what are you doing to keep the marriage thriving and not just surviving. What steps are you taking to make your marriage affair proof?

Knowing that you are the point man of your family, then make every way possible to fight for your marriage – not when it is in the brink of collapse and divorce but now when you still sense no danger.