What Fathers Do

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What Fathers Do

Joe White who runs a Christian camp in Missouri draws more than 5000 kids from more than forty states in the US. The vast majority of them came from Christian homes where Mom and Dad are committed to each other. Joe surveyed more than 1000 kids and found some encouraging things:

– 95% of the boys said their father regularly tell them “I LOVE YOU”

– 91% of the kids day their parents play with them.

– 94% say their fathers attend their athletic events.

– 97% of the boys say they get hugs from their dads.

– 100% of the girls say they get hugs from their moms and dads.

– recalling their childhood, 85% of the boys recall having stories read to them by their dads.

It is no coincidence that more than 80% of these kids say they are against pre-marital sex. It’s no coincidence that 92% do not use illegal drugs. It is no coincidence that the majority of these kids don’t drink alcohol.

Source: Steve Farrar, “Point Man”, Multonomah Press, 1990, p.24-25

Fathers, we have to invest in our kids. The small things we do like hugging them, telling bedtime stories, watching their games or events in school matter. They are small things that adds up to big things.