Quality Time is Quantity Time

Taking Manhood Back

Quality Time is Quantity Time

You cannot have quality time with your kids for five minutes. You can have your reasons saying “BUT IT’S UNINTERRUPTED TIME”. Your kids won’t even notice that. They want you. Dads, sometimes our work takes us away from our family but if the reason why we work is so that we could spend time with our family – then you need to start having a game plan.

I remember there was a season when there was too much work in the church. We just merged two churches and I was out almost 5 nights a week. This went on for almost four months. I knew something was wrong because I was not able to do the things that only I can do – which was to spend time with my kids and my wife. I started forgetting our date nights or if not, I was so consumed with church. I had to make a decision. My wife cannot keep up with my pace. She wanted me physically, emotionally and spiritually.

That was three years ago. I made a decision and it was hard. After talking to a good friend and pastor who was pastoring a church of 9000 people at that time, he said he had made a decision to be out 2 nights a week only. I said is that even possible? Well, I am able to do it and still be home for dinner.

Work was not really the issue. Work will always be there. Work will never be done. But to make the decision to stop work and go home and be with my family fully is something I need to do.

Business guru and author Tom Peters said this with regards to dividing his time between home and work.

“We are frequently asked if it’s possible to “have it all” – a full and satisfying personal life and a full satisfying, hard working professional one. Our answer is: NO. The price of excellence is time, energy, attention and focus, at the very same time that time and energy, attention and focus could have gone toward enjoying your daughter’s soccer game. Excellence is a high cost item.

There is a price to pay. Tom Peters made a choice. Sacrifice family for business.

There are sacrifices that has to be made. I made one when I decided I will be home 5 nights a week. It means I had to readjust my schedule and I had to cancel some time of fellowship at church. It doesn’t mean I don’t work as hard. I do. When I work, I work fully focused but when I am home, I am home.

The question is what are you going to choose. Your family or your work?