Stand Out

Taking Manhood Back

Stand Out

Work today is far different from the workplace before. With the influx of the internet and social media how can we as men stand out in the workplace. Here are some tactics on how you can stand out in a hyper competitive world.

1. Do different things. 

Differentiate. If everybody is doing something, do another thing. A classic example is when 92.3 decided to be NEWS FM. When all FM stations are playing songs and records, 92.3 decided to be the only AM station in an FM world. To beat your competition, you can’t just be a little bit better than they are. You have to do something different than they do.

2. Do things differently. 

How is more important than the what. Make the common special.

There is a quaint tea place in Cagayan de Oro now that’s called Chingkee Tea. It’s owner Chingkee Te is always at the store and befriending her customers. She has also made her tea place a showcase of her artworks. She has experienced such tremendous success that everybody now wants to open a tea place. What they don’t know is that you can’t copy Chingkee Tea because what makes Chingkee Tea is the touch of the owner itself.

3. Spread the Love

Lovers always outdo the workers. Some people hate their work. People who stand out love their work. You can see the difference!!!

4. Be consistent

Be consistent in doing points 1,2 and 3. Develop your identity and stick to it!!!