Tips to Keep Your Girlfriend Safe During Taxi Rides

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Tips to Keep Your Girlfriend Safe During Taxi Rides

One of my female friend recently got robbed in a taxi going home this week. There has been so many cases of this happening where the driver is working with some thieves and target mostly women. But please don’t get me wrong, there are definitely a thousand times more good taxi drivers in Manila.

So here are some tips on how to keep your girlfriend/ wife/ female friend safe from bad taxi drivers:

1. When entering a taxi, instruct them to call (not text) you up  or their parents and indicate the plate number and the name of the taxi. If you want to go further you can even ask for the name of the driver. Make sure the taxi driver hears you conveying the message to the person on the other line.

In case that they don’t have a load for your cellphone – just pretend doing point number one. Seriously.

2. For prevention, tell them to go home early. Riding a taxi alone at night is not wise in today. Me and my wife have decided that there is no way she is riding a taxi at night. No way!!! It means if she needs to go somewhere at night, I will have to drive her. It might also mean as much as possible, you bring your girlfriend/ fiancee home.

3. Lock the doors all the time. I know some doors of the taxi are power locked. But locking the door might make it harder for the robbers/ thieves to do their thing.

4. As much as possible, when riding a taxi, don’t bring cash you don’t need.

5. Some thieves would try to get your ATM Card. Give it to them. It would be wise not to have a lot of cash on your ATM card. Get another ATM card to put your savings.

Hope you can share and spread this blog. This might save your friend!!!

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