Don’t Whine

Taking Manhood Back

Don’t Whine

Men, please don’t whine. Whining won’t solve anything. Try it and you will see. Not only does whining not solve anything it is annoying. It is an excuse for non-action. Girls are frustrated with whining boys. Boys whine but men do something about the situation.

Instead of whining, I suggest you doing something about the situation. How?

1. Assess the problem.

What is the real problem? Is the problem really big or is your whining making it bigger as it is. We have the face the brutal facts when confronting a problem. You cannot be in a state of denial.

2. Create a strategy to address the problem.

Whining is not a strategy. Instead of whining, start planning on how to attack the problem. Get help from your friends. Ask for assistance. It is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength to acknowledge that we have weaknesses and that we need help.

3. Act on it.

Sounds simple right? Yes so start doing something about it and stop whining