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Acel and her Prince Charming

When I was a little girl I  loved reading fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella.  Reading and watching those stories gave me a picture of what a man should be like.  He should look like a prince, brave, strong and someone who can rescue me from the perils of life or from any existing dragon we might have nowadays.

But as I grew up, I couldn’t find one who can fit into that kind of a man I have in mind.  With all the other images of a man that bombarded my head because of media, I thought a real man should be someone who is  rugged, has big muscles, and who can drink strong beer. Someone who can beat up anyone who gets in his way.

I’m so glad that my dad showed me a different picture of a man. My dad doesn’t drink alcohol and doesn’t smoke.  He  also doesn’t have those big muscles like what I see on TV but he is healthy.  He doesn’t surround himself with a number of pretty girls, but  remained faithful to my mother until now for 46 years in marriage.  Because of him, it gave me a different perspective of what a real man should be…

For me, a real man doesn’t need to look like a prince we see on cartoons, nor look like the men we see on TV commercials.  A real man for me is someone who can face a problem and responsibility without  blaming anyone.  Someone who will use his muscles and strength to protect and not hurt anyone.  Someone who uses his hands to provide for his family.  Someone who uses his mouth to encourage, build, bless and lead and not curse.  Someone who can admit his weaknesses. Someone who uses his ears to  listen to counsel and good advice.  Someone who is willing to bend his knees to pray.

I am glad I’ve encountered the greatest man who ever lived.  He is the epitome of what a real man is.  Someone who has great power, authority and wisdom, yet chose to humble himself to serve many.  He didn’t use his power to destroy or judge, but laid down his very life for his friends. He gave value and significance to the little children and women who were looked down on during his time, he showed them respect. He lived all his life showing what real love is.  His name is Jesus.

Because of Jesus, I had hope to believe that one day I’ll meet  a man  who would truly love me and lead me.. I’ve decided to wait for the man he has in mind for me…and as I chose to surrender every area of my life to Jesus as my Lord and Savior, He directed me to the path where I would meet my husband.

I am now 8 years married to the man of my life.  His name is Danny van Ommen.  He maybe soft spoken, but when he speak, there’s always substance and wisdom in what he says.  He works hard to provide for me and my children.  He would prioritize us more than anything.  He is a hands on dad, he can change the diapers of our little boys and give them a bath if he needs to.  He would discipline them and teach them right values and manners. He would play with them, and makes sure that he gives ample time with them. Together, we would read Bible stories to our kids and teach them how to pray.

He may not be perfect (so am I) but I know that  because of Jesus in His life, he becomes a picture of what a real man is for me.

Life may not be a fairy tale, but I thank God, I found my prince. 

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