Artist DJ Lamar calls for Men to Rise Up!!!

Taking Manhood Back

Artist DJ Lamar calls for Men to Rise Up!!!

What’s the most recent film you’ve seen in the past month? How was the man depicted in that film? Everyone loves a good movie and just like music, everyone’s got their own taste when it comes to watching movies. I personally like the action/suspense/thrillers and maybe from time to time a good comedy.

Notice though how in almost every movie that comes out the “Man” is portrayed as a tall, ripped, tough looking dude (or as people say nowadays, Bad A**). He can talk his way with any girl and can get them into bed with him anytime he wants. He’s smart, so smart that he thinks getting married is a stupid idea. The list goes on and on and this is what guys of my generation watch and imitate. “Its just a movie” yeah right, whatever. You can lie to yourself and say it’s just a movie but movies have a way of registering a message into someone’s head and Hollywood and the film industry knows this. I know this for a fact because when I’m in a conversation with some guys and they are on the topic of relationships and stuff, they mention things that I’ve heard in movies! So you still think it’s “just a movie”?

It saddens me to think how guys think nowadays. Oh if you don’t drink hard drinks you ain’t a man. If you’re still a virgin, you ain’t a man. If you don’t play sports or talk about sports, well, you’re a little less than a man. And why do guys think like this now? A large part of it is because this is what the media feeds us everyday and this is what we start giving into.

So what do I think a real man is? First of all, I think a real man is someone that can take and embrace responsibility. This is where a lot of guys like to run away, I know i have at times. I personally think this is the reason why most guys my age (I’m 21 btw) don’t like the idea of marriage. They don’t like the idea of taking the role of being a husband to one wife. They don’t like the idea of having to provide for a family. When they were in high school and college they could sleep with as many girls as they wanted, so now it’s a dumb idea to just stick with one woman when “you could be living life” and sleep with whoever would give in to your smooth talk.

My family runs an orphanage in Sariaya, Quezon so I see this all the time. Most kids that come to us the father gets the woman pregnant (sometimes having two or three kids with one woman) then leaving her and starting another family else where. Then the cycle repeats. Just look at how many single moms there are nowadays. Guys just don’t want to take responsibility anymore. It’s seen as a curse, a freedom killer and a rope around one’s neck, instead of an honor and a blessing.

Second, a man who is not afraid to stand up for what is right and the truth. We live in the culture now where the bad guys, gangsters, and mob bosses are looked upon as the cool guys. They are given more praise and attention in movies nowadays and their images are elevated above the good guys. I’ve been in conversations where guys have no problem talking about the porn they watch or the trouble they got into and sometimes even planning about trouble they’d like to get into, because that’s what men do. Then when you disagree with what they think is “cool”, they laugh and tease and belittle you for not being “man enough”.. It’s easy to follow the crowd and do what everyone else is doing. Its hard to stand up for what you know is right especially when everyone thinks that what is right is stupid.

Finally, I think a real man is one who is not afraid of being a leader. I know there are different levels of leadership but every guy will face some form of leadership eventually. I personally think that being the leader of a family is the most important form of leadership there is. It’s not easy being a leader because if you mess up all the blame falls on you. This is a reason most guys don’t want (and it goes back to not wanting responsibility as well) to lead a family. They’d rather just play video games in their room and be able to go wherever they want whenever they want. The only thing they want to lead around is their own body mass and that’s pretty much it.. haha A lot of guys I know are afraid to lead because they’re afraid to fail and make mistakes, and to be honest that’s one of the things I sort of fear as well. Sometimes though we’ve just got to MAN UP and step up to the different challenges that come our way instead of shy away from them. I know every time I make a mistake I feel horrible at first but then after I know what
to do in order to avoid the mistake the next time around. As long as we are on this earth we will never be able to achieve perfection.

It’s not easy to MAN UP these days. How a man is defined and the requirements of being one are different now from when our grandparents and even when our parents were growing up. The standards are different and the perceptions are different as well.

As Christians, we need to revive this dying breed of manhood. Because sadly, I’ve seen Christian men as well give in to this new perception of manhood. I want to challenge all the guys out there, and this is also a challenge for myself as well. We need to start taking the responsibility for our actions men. We need to start growing out of our video games and the fantasies we try to live through them. We need to have the willingness to lead and to learn. Along the way we will fail and make mistakes, but I think that’s a big part of growing as a MAN. These are some of the things that I desire. It’s a tough stance to make in this day and age, but if we can lock arms and strengthen each other there is nothing that’s impossible. So who’s with me!? All men in favor, RISE UP!


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