Build the Dreams of Others First

Taking Manhood Back

Build the Dreams of Others First

As a young businessman I wanted to achieve SUCCESS. I tried to be a one man show and if ever I will recruit people it was to just leverage them so I could achieve my success.

One day I was listening to Chinkee Tan when he said something that changed me.

” Build on the dreams of others first, then they will help build yours.” I think this is the key to success in the workplace.

The starting point of success is for ME not be self absorbed but work and help achieve the dreams of others.

Tim Sanders calls it the LOVEWAY. It is the way of love. Business and love might go together in the cut throat world you live in but it doesn’t mean that you can’t move in love and serve the dreams of others first.

This site is a product of LOVE. When I met Carlo Ople in church, he started sharing his expertise about blogging and spreading ideas in the internet for free. He didn’t stop there, he started sharing his network. After that, I started sharing my network even if it was smaller than his network.

When we decided to have a group of bloggers contributing to ACT LIKE A MAN to spread the ideals of manhood – it took a lot of LOVE. SEO HACKER Sean Si responded, then financial coach Randell Tiongson, then Dr Love Val Baguios started blogging about his love journey, then best selling author Jayson Lo shared his expertise in the workplace and personality development, then PRODUCTIVE PINOY Yeng Remulla joined the group. Two months ago Singer and Crooner Richard Poon joined. Thus you now have 7 men sharing their thoughts on life and manhood for free. FREE!!! Yes that is the love way.

And since AugustĀ  is the LOVE MONTH for ACT LIKE A MAN – I am giving my book SYNC for FREE for the next FIVE DAYS. Yes FREE DOWNLOAD AT AMAZON KINDLE starting August 1 to 5. Click SYNC: How to Know God’s Will for your Life.




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