Chuck Norris: Don’t Work Alone

Taking Manhood Back

Chuck Norris: Don’t Work Alone

One of the major lesson I’ve learned from watching Expendable on manhood is when Chuck Norris told Stallone on how he operates.


It is something that I would never do. In fact in the movie it shows how working alone is actually counter productive. You can be Chuck Norris and try doing it alone – but it does get very lonely to work alone, to live alone.

What was exciting to see in the movie was how the TEAM worked together and watched each other’s back. It does feel safer. And it is more effective. What made the action scenes come alive was when all of them were working together to defeat the enemy.

Imagine Stallone, Arnold, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Couture, Crews, Lundgren and Norris working together. It is a dream team. It is a man thing.

Don’t believe the myth Strong Men work alone. Even Chuck Norris can’t work alone.


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