The Digital Advantage of Samsung

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The Digital Advantage of Samsung

Almost every week, I am trying to feature or review a product on my site that might be good for men but today I am featuring products that are not just fit for men but also for the women that they love.

Thammie and I were invited to the Samsung House-Warming Showcase last week and I was floored with the new SAMSUNG DIGITAL APPLIANCES that is in the market today. It was actually a great time to be invited to be part of the event since we are considering of buying some appliances for our house.

One of the things we are saving up for is a digital refrigerator. We are currently using a very old ref that needs constant manual defrosting which when left unchecked, leads to heavy ice buildup. Once the ref has ice buildup it can lead to the cultivation of harmful fungi and bacteria.¬† Samsung Digital Refrigerator features no-frost technology that prevents the buildup of ice. Not only that, but its Twin Cooling System prevents food smells from mixing, to keep food and vegetables fresh longer. Best of all, for parents who are working on a tight budget, the Refrigerator’s Inverter Technology saves more energy.

Samsung Brand Ambassador Daphne Osena-Paez shared to the group how Samsung Digital Refrigerator has helped saved her from high electricity bills and the convenience of having a digital one compared to an old manual refrigerator.

Daphne and Thammie. Thammie was also wearing the Samsung color so I could say that she is the online ambassador of Samsung Digital Appliances.

Thammie sharing a light moment with Rissa Mananquil Trillo. I heard them talking about pregnancy stuff. 

Tessa Prieto-Valdes shared the advantages of a Samsung Vacuum Cleaner. All I wanted to ask her is where she bought her hat.

Make a pregnant woman happy by buying Samsung Digital Appliances. Amanda Griffin shared to the group the advantages of a digital washing machine.

Amanda uses her Samsung Digital Washing Machine. It is a fully-automatic washing machine that can get laundry done with one press of a button. No more watching and waiting, no more transferring clothes from one compartment to another. Amanda just loads her washer and presses a button. It comes equipped with Samsung’s Eco Bubble technology which makes washing more efficient and saves up to 70% more energy. With less time doing laundry, Amanda has more time to spend with her son.

But one of the highlights for me was this high tech Samsung Navbot. I think this was designed for us men. It is a robot vacumm cleaner. You program it to clean your house and it is done.

Charging and programming the NAVBOT. I don’t know how much the NAVBOT cost but will update you once I find out.

Oh by the way one last digital appliance that “tickled my fancy” (kala mo sinong british blogger) was the Samsung Black Transformer Airconditioner. ( its not the real name of the airconditioner but it looks like a transformer)

Told you it was like a robot. When you turn it on, the two sides automatically opens.

All I can say is that Samsung has been a leader in innovation- from tablets, appliances, TV. In today’s fast paced world of technology, you have to innovate fast. You can’t relax while the world changes. That is why Samsung is one of the leading brands today when it comes to digital appliances.