Is She God’s Will for my Life?

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Is She God’s Will for my Life?

Here is a common question asked every time when I do talks on love and marriage – Is She or He God’s Will for my Life? How Will I Know?

Let me burst your bubble. Is she God’s will for your life?

Answer: You will never know. Yes, as Christians we have non-negotiables. She must be beautiful, rich and hot. Haha! Got you. Of course you say she needs to be a Christian and one who loves the Lord. But after that- how will I know if she is God’s will for me. Again, the answer is you will never know.

But here is what I know. It is God’s will for you to love your spouse as Christ loved the church. It is God’s will you treat women with respect and love. It is God’s will for you to stay as virgins till the day you get married.

You want to know the secret of knowing the will of God? Here it is. In everything you do, know God. We’re hung up with the decisions of life. Should I go here? Should I go there? Should I take the job or say no? God is less concerned with what you do than with what kind of person you are. The question is not who should I marry but what kind of person am I going to be no matter whom I marry. We focus all our energy on decisions but God says KNOW ME and I will take care of the details. – Ray Pritchard


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