A Few Good Men

Taking Manhood Back

A Few Good Men

A few good men is what we need to stir up a nation to cry out for change. Not since the death of Ninoy, have I seen an outpouring of love, support and a nationalistic spirit among our countrymen. This past few days we have seen the impact of a good man. A man who was simple and who stood for integrity and good governance.

The death of Secretary Jesse Robredo awakens the hero in us. A nation who wants genuine change and transformation. People know when they see a different man. Secretary Robredo was a man above the rest. Surprisingly, it wasn’t because he was flashy, eloquent or charismatic. It was because he was a good man, a great father, a loving husband and a statesman.

Even his death speaks volume about this man. He went home. He wanted to be home. He was not consumed with work. He knew what was more important. He lived out the principle that every man must focus on what he can only do. He knew that he cannot delegate being a father. The work in government can wait but not his work as a dad.

Today we honor a man who has challenged the men and women of our nation to step up. To walk the talk. To prioritize the essential. To do work with integrity. To remind us to come home after a hard day’s work. To make effort and be deliberate to excel in what matters.

Thank you Jesse Robredo!!!












Photo courtesy of INTERAKSYON