Manila Sole: Saving the World at Work

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Manila Sole: Saving the World at Work

I received a very nice gift last week from one of Manila Sole’s founder Noel – an ECO FRIENDLY SHOES. I was so excited to try it out that day when I gave a talk at our church.

What I love about MANILA SOLE is the advocacy that goes with their brand. Imagine this every time you buy Manila Sole you are literally saving the environment, recycling old tires, increasing the employment rate of our nation. As the owners of Manila Sole described their heart and passion to save the earth you cannot help but be amazed and happy that there are people who are actually saving the world at work.

It is a stroke of genius for Manila Sole to use OLD TIRES as the sole of their shoes. In doing so, instead of burning tires, Manila Sole recycles it and put it into good use. And since making soles that are made of recycled tires, they need more manpower and less use of electricity.

But wait there’s more. They also named their shoes using Filipino heroes. The shoes I got was the AGUINALDO.

You can also get MABINI, BONIFACIO, DEL PILAR, and our national hero JOSE RIZAL

May pormang Bonifacio

May pormang Mabini

may pormang pambansang bayani Rizal

may pormang bagay sa magkapatid: Antonio at Gregorio Del Pilar

Manila Sole is also comfortable in the feet. You can order Manila Sole online on their Facebook Page. Mahalin natin ang sariling atin. Buy Filipino Made products!!! Watch Manila Sole being featured in ANC’s Green Living


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