Maricar Reyes on Manhood: Driver and Sweet Lover

Taking Manhood Back

Maricar Reyes on Manhood: Driver and Sweet Lover

Manhood is associated with driving. Little boys see it as a rite of passage. It’s cool. Why else would movies like “The Fast and the Furious” have an unending number of sequels? Perhaps that’s why “Basta Driver, Sweet Lover,” stickers were so popular in jeeps and tricycles.

My pet peeve is reckless driving, however. I admire people who can drive fast BUT responsibly.  When one is reckless, I get REALLY irritated. The car is a dangerous weapon. People die from reckless driving. Please have the foresight to consider the lives of others before your own personal reasons for driving like a maniac, thank you.

I digress. It’s really my pet peeve, you see. In the long run, THAT kind of driver is NOT a sweet lover.

A real man is a good driver.

A real man is prepared. Before you drive, you prepare. A driver learns by reading the rulebook and applying the rules in guided practice until the right way to drive becomes second nature, improving with time. A real man reads and practices. His rule book is the Bible.

A real man can adapt. Reading the book is one thing, practicing is another, and driving on YOUR OWN is completely different. This is the truth, and Manila is known for this. There are times (an understatement) when you have to cut in front of another car, drive beyond the speed limit, or exhibit “snake-like” driving to get to where you need to go. A good driver is mindful of the rules in the book but realizes he cannot be rigid, or one-sided about them in the reality of the outside world. A real man knows his bible laws, and will “swerve” as guided by the Holy Spirit.

A real man takes responsibility. When one gets caught by the MMDA, the officer asks for the DRIVER’S license. The officer doesn’t care even if the person in the back COMMANDED the driver to run the red light, or disregard the one-way sign, or counterflow, etc. The driver is at the wheel and is accountable. The ticket is written in the driver’s name. You can tell a lot about a man by the way he tries to get out of a traffic ticket. If he TRULY broke the rule, a real man would just take it and learn. A real man is a responsible leader who hates blaming others before looking into himself.

An ideal family scenario: The father drives, the mom is next to him, keeping him company or helping him out with the directions. The kids sit comfortably in the back. THE MAN IS AT THE HELM, prepared, responsible, with guided flexibility, in order to get the whole family to where they need to go. That is love from a real man. This love inspires me to become a better woman.

Driver, sweet lover, indeed.

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