How to Help in the Midst of the Flood

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How to Help in the Midst of the Flood

The past two days has been a challenging times for our country. We have been imploring God’s mercy in the midst of a storm that has devastated and destroyed houses and lives in our nation. In the midst of the storm, we also see something that God is doing amongst our countrymen. We have seen heroic, selfless and courageous acts displayed as neighbors help each other.

When 2009 storm Ondoy hit Metro Manila, our church did some relief efforts and partnered with other organizations to help send out relief goods and help rebuild the broken homes of some of our church members. Through our experience three years ago we have learned some valuable lessons on HOW TO HELP in the MIDST of the FLOODING in Metro Manila.

Here are some practical ways we can help:

1. Pray and take action.

I always say never underestimate the power of prayer but we cannot just pray when we know we can do something to help in the situation. Prayer pushes us to move in the grace of giving and helping. Start getting every member of your household involved in contributing. Tell your kids to sort out clothes and shoes that they are not wearing anymore. This is a good time for some house cleaning and eliminate the clutter. If you haven’t touched some of the clothes in your closet for a year – it is time to give it away!!!

Ask God also on how much money are you willing to donate to help our fellow brothers and sisters who lost everything. During the Ondoy relief efforts, I was surprised that some people in our church were just asking for 10,000 pesos to rebuild their homes. It means 10,000 pesos will help build a house.

2. Give what is essential.

The following items are a priority for those affected:

instant noodles
canned goods
bottled water
wearable clothes and jackets.

As givers we need to be wise and sensitive also. Some of the hassles we experienced before were from donors who would give clothes that are not wearable already. Do not give away trash. Giving toys is also nice but for the first few weeks of relief efforts, toys might be too bulky to give away. We encourage the giving of toys once the family has settled and you want to bless the kids who lost all of their toys but as of now the families are thinking of how they can survive in the next seven days.

Still, in my humble opinion, the best donation is cash. Our church have partnered with credible organizations like the RED CROSS and Operation Blessings to help distribute the relief goods that were given in our centers. Organizations like I mentioned are equipped and trained to help send out relief goods to affected area. Practically, that means we need not do the giving away of relief goods but rather empower organizations doing it effectively.

This goes with trying to rescue people. We have had brave volunteers who tried helping their loved ones from their homes but instead of helping made the situation worst because they were not trained in the first place to help. Professional rescuers then had to save both the one who needed the rescue and the one who felt that he can help rescue.

3. Social Media

The social media played a big part three years ago in disseminating information and rescue efforts. Let us continue to leverage on social media to do that. At the same time, let us be careful not to spread unfounded facts and fear in social media. We don’t need more fear tweets and statuses, what we need are encouraging and helpful informations and actions.

4. Go to your nearest and trusted RELIEF CENTERS to drop your donations.

Our church, Victory is opening up our centers for relief efforts and we have also made available for online giving.

Victory Alabang is accepting donations at the Victory Alabang center in Festival Mall from 10am to 6pm.

Victory Ortigas  is accepting donations at the Victory Ortigas Center on the fourth level of the West Wing, Robinson’s Galleria, from 10am to 6pm.

Victory Fort Bonifacio  is accepting donations at the ground floor of the Every Nation Building, University Parkway corner 32nd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Victory Fort will also accept cash and check donations.

Victory Greenhills  is accepting donations at the Victory Greenhills Center on the fourth level of V-Mall, Greenhills Commercial Center, San Juan City, from 10am to 6pm.

Victory Makati  is accepting donations at the Victory Makati Office, Ground Floor, LPL Center Bldg, 130 LP Leviste St. Salcedo Village, Makati City.

Victory Nova  is accepting donations at the Victory Nova center, Level 3, Robinsons Novaliches, from 10 AM – 6 PM.

Victory Quezon City is accepting goods from 9 AM – 6 PM at the Victory Quezon City office, 5/F Regis Center, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.

For particulars, please call the following numbers:

Victory Alabang – 771 1212
Victory Fort – 817 1212
Victory Greenhills – 5841212
Victory Makati – 519 1212
Victory Ortigas – 631 1212
Victory Nova – 938 1212
Victory Quezon – 426 70 31

Your donations will be channeled to affected communities near our Metro Manila locations, and communities serviced by the Philippine Red Cross and nonprofit relief organization Operation Blessing.

Online donations now accepted

Victory is also accepting donations for our relief efforts via BPI Express Online or credit card. (You will need a myVictory account to give.)

To give via BPI Express Online, follow these steps:

Enroll Victory as a merchant in your BPI Express Online account.

Log onto Click Personal Login > Payments and Reloading > Bills Payment > Enroll All Other Bills.
Select ‘Victory Christian Fellowship (VCTRY)” from the drop-down menu of merchants.
Enter your PRN in the Reference Number field, then click Submit.


Click Payments and Reloading > Pay Bills Today.
Select VCTRY from the PAY dropdown menu, then enter your desired amount.
Choose the account from which the amount will be debited.
Enter “02002″ in the Additional Reference Number field then click Submit.

To give via credit card, follow these steps:

Log into myVictory.
Fill-out the Online Giving Form.

Select ‘Victory Philippines’ from the ‘Church/Organization’ dropdown.
Select ‘Disaster Relief Operation’ from the ‘Designation’ dropdown.
Enter your preferred gift amount in Philippine pesos.
Select the frequency of your gift (one-time, weekly, or monthly).
Click Next to review your Gift Summary. Click Back to revise; click Continue to proceed to PesoPay, our secure payment provider.

Complete your payment on PesoPay.

Click on the icon of your preferred credit card provider.
Fill in the credit card information. Click Submit.
You will receive an email shortly afterward with your credit card transaction information.

You could also go to accredited organizations to help and send your relief goods:

1. Red Cross –

2. Gawad Kalinga

3. Ateneo de Manila – See details here

4. DLSU USG “SAGIP METRO 3” – See details here.

5. GMA Kapuso Network Foundation – donate here.

6. CCF Alabang and Ortigas – See details <ahref=”″>here.

7. LBC stores will serve as a drop-off centers. (for Philippine Red Cross) See details here.

8. McDonalds stores will also serve as drop-off centers.  (Link to store/branch locator)

Pilipinas, this is the time where we show the world what we are made of. Let us help one another!!!