Relief Operations Day 2: Church and Government Working Together

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Relief Operations Day 2: Church and Government Working Together

We have learned a very important lesson when it comes to helping out during calamities. Partner with Local Government Units for easier and more efficient distribution of goods. This is our Day 2 of Relief Operations with San Juan. We had almost 60+ volunteers who worked with us on the 2nd day. It was nice to see a lot of volunteers from our church helping out the city government. And to those who gave and delivered their relief goods to the San Juan Arena, thank you very much!!!

Some of our men acting like men carrying heavy loads of relief goods

Our ladies sorted out the clothes to be send to DSWD

While some were packing goods in our assembly line

For the packing of our relief goods, we would put 2 kilos of rice, one canned good (sardines or corned beef), two biscuits, and noodles. The Local Government Unit spearheaded by Congressman JV Ejercito and Mayor Guia Gomez then distributes it to different barangays in San Juan. A different truck that carried fresh and purified drinking water were delivered also. I am amazed at how systematic and orderly the relief goods were being distributed. Thanks to the San Juan police, DPWH of San Juan and the Bureau of Fire Protection who made this possible.

One of our church leader and volunteer Joshua Zamora with some of the volunteers from West Crame. (Below) Vice Mayor Francis Zamora with Victory Greenhills Volunteers

Our good mayor Guia Gomez also came to encourage the volunteers. So blessed to have a mayor who loves God and her constituents.

Reassuring Mayor of our heart to serve the city.

With some of our Victory Greenhills volunteer

Blogger and Lifebox Staff Joash and some of our volunteers with San Juan JCI distributing the goods to affected barangays

San Juan Jaycess (JCI) in action.

Thank you also to our Congressman JV Ejercito for leading the way in helping those affected by the floods and how San Juan JCI and the government took good care of the volunteers

2414 bags released yesterday with 2500 bags waiting to be delivered in different barangays in San Juan

More people in need of food as some of the houses were totally destroyed

Here are more pics courtesy of Councilor Warren Villa

Our church in Victory Greenhills will continue to accept donations and relief goods till Sunday. For inquiries call our office at 5841212.