No Room for Bullies

Taking Manhood Back

No Room for Bullies

We all have been shocked by the man who mauled and punched (bullied, threatened) a traffic enforcer this week. We wouldn’t know the real reason why he snapped and could not control his anger or if he was just like the HULK who was angry all the time but if there is one major lesson we can learn this week in the area of manhood it is this:

A real man has his strength under control

Robert Carabuena had no right to hit a man of authority. He needs to know who is in authority. A man who bullies is a man who doesn’t acknowledge authority. Instead of being a man who protects, he becomes a tyrant. The strength that was intended for protection and service is used to kill.

I think this applies also to cyber bullying. How the netizens responded cursing and bullying Robert Carabuena was also out of hand. I know that the first time we saw the youtube video we all wanted a hand on Robert Carabuena but as what I have said, a real man has his strength under control. We will all face scenarios where our patience and strength are tested. It is during times like these where we will see what we are made of as men.


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