The Well Rounded Man…..

Taking Manhood Back

The Well Rounded Man…..



…. does not exist.

Don’t even try to be one. It is an impossibility. Those who try to be well rounded end up getting frustrated. I was MR. JACK OF ALL TRADES when I was in college. I wanted to be good in everything. I ended up being a master of NOTHING.

Imagine majoring in NOTHING. Now that is SAD.

Marcus Buckingham in his book The One Thing You Need to Know said:

Success does not come from being well balanced. The reverse is true. Success comes most readily to those who reject balance, who instead pursue strategies that are intentionally imbalanced. This focus, this willingness to apply dis appropriate pressure in a few selected areas of your working life, wont leave you brittle and narrow. Counter intuitively, this kind of lopsided focus actually increases your capacity and fuels your resilience.

This week I will try to blog on how you can know what you need to know to be great in leadership and achieve success.