Honoring the Man who Shaped Me

Taking Manhood Back

Honoring the Man who Shaped Me

If there is one man who has shaped me as a man – it is Ferdie Cabiling, my pastor.

I remember as a young boy how he invested his time to teach me about God, manhood and relationships. His personal quotable quotes has in a way shaped my teaching, my leadership and my love for my wife and kids.

Ferdie Quote #1: Preach as if it is your last preaching.

It was my first time to preach to hundreds of people in church. I was so scared. I didn’t know what to do. He told me to preach like a madman. And I preached my heart out. Now every time I am training someone to preach or teach – you know what I say to them before going up the stage.

Ferdie Quote #2: Every time I drop Elle (his daughter) to school, I tell her, “You are a leader!!!”

When I first heard that, it left such an imprint in me that I tell my kids today that they are leaders. I think every dad needs to communicate this to their kids if they want their kids to change the world.

Ferdie Quote #3: I’m proud of you.

It was my wedding day. He looked at me and told me this. It is such a powerful gesture to have a spiritual dad say that to you on the most important day of your life. Thank you very much Pastor Ferdie


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