ITECH Stylus Pen

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ITECH Stylus Pen

I finally got a Stylus Pen for my IPAD and it is no ordinary Stylus Pen. It is ITECH stylus pen. I got 3 designs from the makers of ITECH Stylus Pen.

The first one is is the ITECH SWIRL STYLUS PEN. It’s got a funky design!!!

The second one is the ITECH TRANSPARENT CLIP STYLUS PEN. The Transparent Clip Stylus Pen is geared with durable pocket clip for ultra portability.

and the third one I got was the ITECH LIPSTICK STYLE STYLUS PEN. Geared with durable Lipstick-Style cover and charm connector.

For a limited time offer, ITECH STYLUS PENS are on sale with free shipping. Original Price is P550 but they are offering it for only P299. To order the style that you want, visit the links provided below:

ITECH SWIRL STYLUS PEN –!/deal/4386-itech-swirl-stylus-pen

ITECH TRANSPARENT CLIP STYLUS PEN –!/deal/4387-itech-transparent-clip-stylus-pen

ITECH LIPSTICK STYLE STYLUS PEN –!/deal/4385-itech-lipstick-style-stylus-pen