What Kind of a Man???

Taking Manhood Back

What Kind of a Man???

This is our 3rd installment of What Women Want Men to Know. And our guest blogger today is Valerie Tan.

Throughout the years, the qualities I look for in a man changed and evolved. In my teens, I was looking for someone cute and nice. In my early twenties, I wanted someone passionate and artistic. A few years back, I looked for someone good enough to bring home to Mom and Dad.

As the years go by and a few failed relationships behind me, I have come to know myself more and the most important qualities I look for in a man.

1. My ideal man is strong yet gentle.

More than physical strength, I look for a man who is emotionally strong. He doesn’t give up easily on life’s challenges, but instead uses these as an opportunity to grow and learn. Underneath this, he has a gentle heart, capable of feeling empathy and compassion for others’ journey.

2. My ideal man is firm yet loving.

He has a clear grasp of what is right and will stand by what he believes in. He recognizes though that there are certain instances when it is better to be kind than right.

3. My ideal man is ambitious yet simple.

He has big plans and makes steps to achieve his dreams. In the midst of pursuing his ambition, he knows that at the end of the day, nothing is worth more than the time spent with loved ones.

Several years down the road, the kind of man I’m looking for may again evolve and change. But more than searching for these ideal qualities in another person, I hope and pray to embody these traits as well.

Val is a tv & events host, commercial model, airbrush cosmetics specialist, and entrepreneur from Manila. She has hosted for tv shows of GMA, GMA News TV, QTV-11, and NBN-4. Her modelling career has been fruitful, having done lead roles for tv commercials that aired in the Philippines, Cambodia and USA.

Follow her on twitter: https://twitter.com/MissValerieTan

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