Lives of Quiet Desperation

Taking Manhood Back

Lives of Quiet Desperation

The world is filled with people who do not do what they love. Most people drift through life like a feather in the wind. They do not have a purpose that comes from their passion, from their strength. These are the men and women who philosopher Thoreau said lead “lives of quiet desperation.” Time passes and as they near death, all they are left with is regret. Yet there is nothing they can do about it. Their lives are lost because they did not decide to do what they wanted. – Chris Widener, The Angel Inside, pp23-24

Today, you have the power to change the course of your life. Assess if you really love what you are doing. Sad to say most people go to work dreading their work. I don’t think you can live that way forever unless you choose to live that way.

Somebody approached me after one of my talks and asked, “How can I start doing something I love to do?”

I said, “Start doing it.”

She asked, “How?”

I said, ” What energizes you? What makes you excited? If you look at your schedule what is it that occupies you?” That is where you start.