The Mistress

Taking Manhood Back

The Mistress

The Mistress is a Filipino film starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. On its first day, it has garnered 23 Million pesos in the box office. On its first week, it has grossed over 106 Million pesos. The movie is a story about how a man committed adultery and how his son fell in love also with the mistress. Acting for the movie was superb but the lessons it communicates to the viewers are quite disturbing. Filipino movies are a good reflection of the cultural mindset we have as a nation. It depicts how we see manhood, family, marriage and even sex.

Here are some disturbing things about the movie:

1. Some Mistresses are not that bad and misunderstood.

I am not saying that I am good or that people who are faithful to their spouse are good, what I am disturbed about is how the movie tries to show the mistress being a family woman and the reason for her adulterous relationship is that she needs to feed her family ( grandma, mother, brother, brother’s family, sister).Even if she tried saying that she didn’t need the money, she really did if you look at the situation.

2. The Dysfunctional setup of Husband and Wife.

I know this is not as disturbing because we often hear stories like this – a wife who is abused because she really knows what is going on.  The husband, Ronaldo Valdez is depicted as showing love for his wife but also a love for the mistress.  I hope we don’t get desensitize with what is happening around us. Adulterous men flaunt their mistress and are proud of it. As men, we need to be ashamed of our unfaithfulness to our wife and repent of our ways. You can’t have it both. “Hindi lahat ng gusto mo, nakukuha mo.”

3. The role of the Father.

The father never took responsibility. He excelled in business but failed at home. A typical picture of fathers. We could run multi million business ventures but fail where it matters – at home. Ronaldo Valdez had a hard time showing his love for his son. All his son needed was his affirmation.

Some Redeeming Factors

1. The Mistress never got what she wanted.

As much as they try to depict Bea as a good woman in spite of her trying to break a marriage, in the end she had to experience the consequence of a foolish decision – to give up on loving both the father and the son.


2. Who is besides you on your deathbed?

At the end of Ronaldo Valdez’s life, it was his wife that was with him, not the mistress. Hilda Koronel decided to be with him in sickness and in health, for better or for worst. This is the essence of a true VOW.

3. It is never too late to say I love you.

All John Lloyd wanted to hear was “Son, I love you.” The father was able to say it at the end. It would have been a different story if it was said earlier but I think it won’t make a great movie if there is no tension between the two but it would definitely make a great family if we learn to communicate love towards our kids.

At the end of the day, it is clear – nothing good comes out from adultery. Adultery breaks marriages. Adultery is living selfishly. It says what can I get from you. You might think it is love but it will never be love because its foundation is on shaky moral grounds. If God is the true source of love – then adultery has no chance of experiencing true and pure love.

Warning: The Mistress is Rated R13 though I strongly feel that it is not suitable for kids under 18. There are some sex scenes also in the movie.



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